endTB in Myanmar

Implementer: MSF and National TB Programme

Site: MSF Clinics and Aung San TB Hospital, Yangon

Myanmar is among the 22 high TB burden countries, with prevalence twice the regional average and three times the global average. An estimated 197,000 people (365 cases per 100,000 people) acquired TB in 2015, and approximately 27,000 (49 per 100,000) died from the disease (not including HIV patients).

Myanmar is also among the 27 high MDR-TB burden countries, with an incidence of 5.1% among new cases and 27% among retreatment cases. An estimated 9000 acquired a drug-resistant form of the disease in 2015. A pilot MDR-TB project (2009-2011) achieved a 71% overall success rate, with a 17.3% death rate and 10.3% default rate. Programmatic management of MDR-TB, in which patients received a 24-month regimen, started in 2011. The program duration was changed two years ago to 20 months minimum treatment.