A new partnership to improve TB treatments around the world


endTB aims to find shorter, less toxic and more effective treatments for ‘multidrug-resistant TB’ (MDR-TB) through:

  • access to new drugs
  • a clinical trial
  • advocacy at national and global levels.

Covering 17 countries, the project is a partnership between Partners In Health, Médecins Sans Frontières, Interactive Research & Development and financial partner UNITAID.

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endTB welcomes UNITAID’s Grant extension

26 September 2018

Boston/Paris/Dubai, September 26, 2018. Partners In Health (PIH), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), and Interactive Research & Development (IRD) welcome Unitaid’s commitment to ending Tuberculosis, by investing an additional $21 million in the endTB project.

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New TB drugs are safe, effective alternatives

Patient holding his medication, he takes up to 26 pills a day to treat XDR-TB. Here he holds his morning selection, which includes delamanid, one of the newest DR-TB drugs, which he is taking for the first time today.


13 July 2018

New interim findings from endTB indicate bedaquiline and delamanid could benefit many more patients.

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Q&A: endTB clinical trial, one year on

Bedaquiline. (Daro Sulakauri / MSF)


24 March 2018

On World TB Day Dr. Lorenzo Guglielmetti, endTB trial co-principal investigator, takes stock of progress in the trial's first year.

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