March 22, 2024
  • Tuberculosis is the first cause of death among people living with HIV: in 2022, 167,000 people died from HIV-associated tuberculosis. 

  • HIV-infected patients are 16 times more likely to develop tuberculosis than others. 

About HIV-infected patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis  

The primary efficacy and safety results of the endTB clinical trial were presented at the Union Conference in November 2023. At the CROI 2024 conference, a secondary analysis was presented on the group of trial participants living with HIV.  

Overall, 754 participants with fluoroquinolone-susceptible MDR/RR-TB were enrolled in the endTB trial; 104 (13.8%) were coinfected with HIV. Out of the three 9-month regimens which were non-inferior to the control in the primary analysis, two appeared to be particularly efficacious and safe in treating patients living with HIV: 9BLMZ (93.3% favourable outcome, mITT population) and 9BCLLfxZ (100.0% favourable outcome, mITT population). All the experimental regimens were safe in this population: major adverse events were more common in the control than in experimental arms. 

For more information on the endTB trial results: 

The endTB clinical trial led by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Partners In Health (PIH) and Interactive Research and Development (IRD), and funded by Unitaid was launched to find shorter, more tolerable, injection-free treatments for people with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. 

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