Implementer: Partners In Health

Haiti has the highest rate of TB in the Western hemisphere, with an estimated incidence of 188/100,000 in 2016 (WHO Global TB Report 2017). TB is even more present in some urban areas, with a rate of over 1000/100,000 in several slums of Port-au-Prince, the capital city, as measured by a recent TB REACH project. In 2016, there were 15,567 reported cases of TB in Haiti, with an estimated case detection rate of 75%.

The WHO estimates that 2.9% of new cases and 13% of previously treated cases have MDR-TB/RR-TB, with a total estimated number of 530 cases (WHO). In 2016, 132 new cases of MDR-TB were in Haiti. They are treated at Zanmi Lasante (ZL) or GHESKIO, in collaboration with the National TB Program (PNLT). Treatment outcomes are outstanding, with an average of 79% treatment success rate for GHESIKO between 2008 and 2015.

PIH has been working in Haiti for decades, thanks to a wide network of community health workers, allowing the NGO to implement innovative health programs such as the world’s first program to provide free, comprehensive HIV care and treatment in an impoverished setting (1998). Today, more than 5700 dedicated employees are serving an area of 4.5 million people.


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